Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In the Headlines!!

APRIL FOOL!!! No, I should say JUNE FOOL!! Hahaha...

Cavan don't have to model for anyone. He can just model for me anytime anyday....and the prize he gets?? engulfed in lots and lots of kisses from his mummy!! Now, wouldn't this be the BEST prize to get? :p

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy 26th Wedding Anniversary

Our whole family was invited to celebrate the 26th wedding anniversary of my 8th aunt and her hubby (Aunty Pat & Opa Wim). In case you're wondering, Opa Wim hails from Holland and is very atune to Asian food. Not only does he cooks great Mee Goreng, he even eats durian!! The dinner was held at The Ming Room at Bangsar Shopping Centre. We had an enjoyable meal as the food was super delicious.

"Soft shell crab. Big and de-li-cious!!"

"Individually served Shark fins soup in a pumpkin which contains slices of fin and a big prawn wanton"

"Fried pigeon which my boy enjoyed although the meat is a bit tough."

"Succulent fresh tiger prawns served in a dim sum basket"

"Braised sea cucumber, mushroom and fresh scallop"

"Something different, this rice is presented 'pouring' out of a big clam. A bit wet to my liking but the taste is great and it contains bit of scallop, mushroom, brocolli and clam"

My boy had almost the full course (with the exception of the soft shell crab and braised sea cucumber dish). Our dinner ended with a yummy durian pudding, sinfully de-li-cious and guilty not to say fat-te-ning!!

Food aside, 26th years of marriage. Wow, I wonder how I will look like and feel when I reach my 26 years of marriage...

Diapering Days....

A friend introduced me to a new sanitary napkin which assist in eliminating women's health problem as it consists of negative ion. Problems or dieases that may be eliminated includes menstrual pain, discharge, vaginal cancer, etc.. The demo is an eye opener for me as who would be so 'free' as to cut open those napkins that you purchase and use each month to see what are the contents. It also opens a path for me to try out in sharing and introducing my friends to this new sanitary napkin line. It not an easy task opening your mouth and tell your friends, 'Hey, I got something to share with you and when you get to the main topic, FROZE!!...should you continue or just say forget it? Anyway, it's an invaluable lesson to me as although some might take up or some might choose to ignore, at least I had the experience in doing live demo, sharing the benefits and the rest it's all up to the recipient.

(please contact me for more product info and details)

While going through all these, one thing that struck me the most is woman is not free from diapering days..... You see, from birth we were already introduced to diapers be it in cloth or disposable (well, during my days it was mostly cloth as disposable is unheard off). Then it was potty training time until you reach your teens where your hormones begin to change and you produce 'eggs' so to speak (reach puberty). Between your successful potty training days to your puberty stage, you are diaper free. From then on, each month you are required to use diaper or in our case (since grown up already mah) napkins. And this will last us until we reach the menopause stage and no it does not end here. When you're old and helpless and you could not control your own body, diapers come into view again. Only this time, it's call adult diapers!!

So you see, woman is not free of diapering days....

Happy 19 months old!!

My boy turns 19 months old today. This also marks my 25th posting here!! (well everyone celebrates their 50th or 100th post, so I'm celebrating my 25th post!! haha)

Looking back, it has been like a whirlwind since he's birth and wow today he's already 1 year 7 months old!! He has accomplish a lot of stuff, knows how to throw tantrum, play peek-a-boo, stacking stuff, riding his car or bicycle by pushing with his legs, pressing the horn while riding, mum-mum ie. asking for food, pointing out stuff he wants, laughing while watching his favourite shows, etc... and one thing not forgetting to mention that he has his favourite song "Miss Polly has a dolly". He just wants to listen to it again and again and myself and hubby is beginning to feel bored with this. In the house it's Miss Polly...., in the car it's Miss Polly...worse is he wants you to sing it again and again!! and when you purposely sing a different song, he shakes his head, wave no and make noises to tell you it's wrong!!

It has been a great journey for him and us and we look forward to even more greater memories together. Happy 19 months old Cavan!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Golfers Seafood Village Restaurant

It's Father's Day, 2nd year that we are celebrating since the birth of our son.

We went to Golfer's Paradise with my family today (we celebrated it a day earlier with my in-laws). As we did not make any reservation, we were there early and were lucky to obtain a table.

Although the service is rather slow, the food is not bad. Too bad that we did not take any pictures of the food (too hungry and we all just attack the food when it was place on our table haha).

My boy was exceptionally happy today. He enjoyed his food. Had his first taste of 'shell' (prawns) and love it (although the doctor advise to wait till he's 3 years old, we let him try and see his reaction - please refer to my previous post on "Fong Mok"). Playful throughout the whole meal. We continued with desert at Secret Recipe. He was enjoying the cakes and ice-cream and was playing with my nephew and niece.

My parents throughly enjoyed themselves seeing the antics that he displayed. He even know how to pose for photos when my brother takes the camera out!!

This is so far the best Father's Day celebration I had as we celebrated for 3 fathers which consists of my dad, my brother and last but not least my hubby.

Have a great Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!

Guess my hubby is the happiest father on earth today coz our son blurted our 'Baa-baa' (aka Papa or the sound of it). Does this mean he really started to 'talk' and will call us now?..... This first blurt happened in the afternoon, so later in the evening is the real test.

My hubby kept on telling him call 'Baa-baa, baa-baa......' and eventually we heard him blurt again 'Baa-baa'. Yippee!!! he called Papa!! Now isn't this the best Father's Day gift??

Being the jealous me, I started telling Cavan to call me 'Maa-maa, maa-maa'...and guess what he blurted 'Maa-maa'!!! Yes! Yes!! at last he calls me Mama. Well I got a Father's Day gift too hehehe....

Not wanting to be left out, my dad and mum work their way on Cavan and asked him to say 'Kong-kong', 'Poh-poh' and the result? my boy just laugh his way out!!

As I'm typing this, I can hear that my hubby is again working on Cavan to call him Papa... :D

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

5D4N Bangkok, Thailand (May 17th - 21st)

This mark the first vacation both hubby and myself have after the birth of Cavan.

It all started with me having a free stay voucher at Majestic Grande Hotel which was valid until Sept-07. Not having been to Bangkok before and wasting away this voucher, I opted for Bangkok when hubby asked where I want to go if we manage to snatch one of those free seats offered by Air Asia in conjuction of their anniversary earlier this year.

First thought was BANGKOK!!! (although hubby been there before on one of his business trips, he willingly said OK to it, how sweet of him hehehe..)

We booked our seats from Air Asia website, juggling dates and time and finally managed to get it confirm after mid-night!!! Such heavy tracfic going-on in there and we almost gave up trying to snatch the free seats offered.

5D4N turned out to be too long a holiday for us, as both of us do not have the intention of shopping. Everyone kept telling us to bring more dosh ($$), lots of and cheap cheap stuff you can get there, etc etc..

Irony of this trip was 2 days before our departure, so happen I was online chatting with a friend of mine overseas when I received a message from a local friend of ours. Along those how have you been messages thrown back and forth, we found out that they (couple) and us will be in Bangkok during the same period. The only difference is that this couple will be there a day before us, also managed to snatch the free seats offered by Air Asia and their stay would be 4D3N. Arrangement thus has been made to meet each other there (see in KL also seldom meet, but need to go overseas to meet hah!!)

To cut it short, it was arranged that they will book a cab and pick us up from the airport and straight away start our sight seeing.

Our whole trip agenda in summary :

Day 1 - visited Ayuthaya, ruins legacy of a once great empire
Day 2 - visited Damnoen Saduak, floating market
Day 3 - visited the Grand Palace & China Town
Day 4 - changed hotel (Day 1-3 stayed at Twin Towers, Day 4-5 stayed at Majestic Grande)
Day 5 - home sweet home!!

In between those 5 days, we either went to the Siam Paragon (beautiful shopping mall, extremely high class!!), MBK (something like Sg. Wang), Suan Lam night market or just strolling along the streets of Bangkok. Oh yes, we did make a trip to Chatuchak night market, but alas it was beginning to close as we went there too late. Had an uneasy feeling when we reach there as well as the crowd was rather 'mixed'.

All in all, we enjoyed our trip but felt that the most 4 days would be sufficient. Enjoyed exploring the city on our own two feet, taking their public transport amidst the language problem that we face with them haha...

Oh yah, I also celebrated my birthday there and miss Cavan tremendously and in turn what you get is a high phone bill from calling him each day!!

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