Wednesday, May 30, 2007


As much as I do not want to admit it, I just realise that I'm a slightly tiny wee bit k-i-a-s-u?

Hubby and I went for a preview on Shichida Method which focuses on the whole brain development for children as young as from birth. The preview was fantastic where we were shown recorded video clips of childern on national tv live in Japan doing speed reading, photographic memory, computer-like maths ability, etc..

What impreses me most was the speed reading. The children were just practically flipping the pages of the book and the result they were able to memorise one of the pages out!!!....Is this magic or what. The other good impression based on the testimony written on the brochure was that children that went thru the Shichida Method training can calculate huge sums in a couple of minutes. I'm no good in maths and this really impreses me a lot.

My hubby actually said to me in the middle of the preview "let's sign up Cavan" for this. So happen we were seated at the back and noticed some parents at the whiteboard. Closer inspection and we realised that it was the timetable, schedule of the available classes. As Shichida Method keep their classes small (4 pax to start and max 6 pax in a class), we being the kiasu parent went to the board and start looking at the suitable time for our boy.

As he is already 18+ months old, there were only 3 classes for his age group. Weekdays were definitely out for us as both is working, that's left weekend as the only option. Alas, Sunday morning is already full!! which leave Sat at 2.30pm. No other choice, we choose Sat - 2.30pm. The class duration is 75 minutes once a week.

His class will only commence on July 7th and hopefully from there, we have enrolled him into the right course to help him develop to be a better person and make full use of his brain as the 21st century is afterall also known to be the Century of the Brain.

Besides being in Shichida Method, I'm rather keen for Cavan to continue his Kindermusik lessons as well. He just enjoys music and Kindermusik provides him an environment for him to roam, mix, socialise and well just having FUN with other kids. Let's see what hubby got to say on this.


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