Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I searched up "fong-mok" and the english equivalent to it is call 'hives'. Eek, this is not a nice name, so let's leave it as "fong-mok".

My boy developed this whenever he throws his tantrum. As he's throwing his tantrum, he sweat, body heat rises up and in this weather nowadays, he'll be drench wet!!

The "fong-mok" (red patches similar to rashes) develop whenever he throws his tantrum. Funny thing is these red patches disappears the minute he's cool down (ie. no sweat, in air-cond room). Not taking any chances, brought him to the child specialist and got to know that this is only "fong-mok" and nothing serious.

The cause of it could be due to a lot of factors, some of which is listed below (I cannot remember all the doctor mentioned lah..) :
  • weather (being in and out of hot and cold environment)
  • stress
  • trauma
  • food intake (new food being introduced)
  • allergy to pets (could be new pet in the house)

His maternal grandmother and I suspect it is due to the weather as no new food was introduce, we have no pets at home, definitely no trauma and stress?? I think both of us is the one who has stress not him!! haha.

These days is just HOT HOT HOT!! even in air-conditioned room. As my boy dislike hot (like me! hehe), there's no wonder his face is really really RED when he throws his tantrum. So kena lah the "fong-mok".

Since he's so "fong-mok-ki" prone as the doctor put it, it is adviced that Cavan start on 'shell food' ie prawns, crab and anything 'shell' seafood when he reach 3 years old upon me posing the question to the doctor.

So, he's been thru Roseola (please read earlier post for details). Now "fong-mok". What's next boy?? You're giving your mama a big headache!!


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