Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Da big 3-0

What is this 3-0?

Yah, nothing to shout about but I've reached a point where there's no mention of the number starting with 2. Darn!!, I've reached my thirties!!! Gosh just I say THIRTIES??? This is rather alarming!!

Now what achievements have I obtained the last 29 years?

  • "hands-on" feeling of freaking out during examinations from primary right up to college
  • "experience" the good and bad side of being in the rat race
  • "upgraded" myself from the swinging single gal to a married woman
  • and now having a walking, running, whinning, shouting, tantrum throwing "toDDler" beside me (all in all, I just adore him - my son, my darling the apple of my eye (hehehe)

Hhmm, not too bad on the achievements reflecting back. There's always the future which holds more that I've yet to explore.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and let's toss to the future as I'm sure there will be more achievements to come!!


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