Saturday, April 14, 2007


My darling boy is admitted to DSH (Damansara Specialist Hospital) on Wed, April 11th.

He was down with high fever, hitting the highest at 40.3 degree celsius. Doctor did blood test on him and it was a relief that there was no sign of dengue. Test results showed the he contracted mycoplasma which was 8 times higher than the usual and he was given antibiotic to treat this virus. Besides the high fever, with blood and palette count low, there were no other signs. To be safe, doctor requires another blood test the next day.

Thursday : 2nd blood test result out, no dengue but his blood and palette count has dropped lower. This is really alarming as there is no other signs. Doctor require another test the next day as he needs to ensure that my boy's blood and palette count does not drop lower. Later in the evening, spots of rashes started to develop on his body and side of his face. I suspect Roseola.

Friday came and his test result showed that his blood and palette count has climb up to the normal range. It is confirmed that he contracted Roseola which is a common viral amongst my darling boy's age group. Rashes could still be seen and should be gone in a couple of days

It was truly an unforgettable experience staying in a hospital with a toddler, having to share the small bed, making room for him to be more comfortable and at the same time, staying awake most of the time to ensure that he does not tangle himself up with the drip tube.

All in, I am glad that he can be discharge on Sat, Apr 14th after a 3 nights stay in DSH. Boy, was he active on Saturday. Guess he can't wait to go home like me..hehe

Thank you to Dr. Musa and the nurses for attending to him. During his stay there, he is already well known amongst the nurses for being 'sangat kuat & marah betul' whenever they tried to adjust his 'special hand' (his left hand was wrapped up to prevent him from pulling out the needle to administer his drip) or when they fed him his medication. He was really kicking and screaming out loud!!

Thank you also to my mum, my boy's Poh-poh for helping out in feeding me (I'm the patient when my boy's asleep in my arms hehehe) and getting my stuff as well as assisting me to wash up my boy when he poo-ed (yeah, you should have seen him, not standing on the floor but climbing on me!!)

Thank you to my parents cell-group for their prayer and all those good wishes that came in from our colleagues and friends.


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