Monday, April 16, 2007

It's a SAD day...

I received a call from my dad informing that Pak Su (my 6th aunt's hubby) suffered a heart attack, admitted to hospital, doctor said he has no pulse and is perfoming CRT on him. My heart really drop to hear such news. He has no history of heart problem only diabetes which is under control. Not long after and another phone call, it is with sadness to hear that he has pass away.

Pak Su is a nice gentleman, patient and a loving husband to my aunt and dad to my two cousins and his grandchildren. I still remember the time when I joined his family to Switzerland where my 8th aunt and her husband is staying for a holiday. From there, we went over to France to Euro-Disney. Still vividly clear in my mind, is that Pak Su has to have rice for dinner as it is his staple food. Western food 'tak kenyang' is the remark.

Days when my 6th aunt came over to Kepong Baru (my other aunt's house) for a game of mahjong, it is with patience that you see my Pak Su waiting for her to finish the game before heading home. Those were the days.

Ironically, today is Monday (April 16th). 6 years back in Year 2001 on Jan 3rd also a Monday, I received call from my cousin saying that my 6th aunt has passed due to cancer. Before and during their funeral, the sky really poured and I remember overhearing some of the makcik's saying that Heaven is sharing our grieve and sadness thus the heavy rain.

To Lok Yee and Pak Su, I'm sure you are watching over your children and grandchildren from above, peace be with both of you as you are now unite together in Heaven.

May you both rest in peace...


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