Monday, January 22, 2007

Yep, this is definitely life

It's been a long long time since I went into my cousin sister's blog. We used to be very very close to each other, fighting, eating, playing and doing all those girly stuff together when we were younger...

Then, came a boy (her hubby now :p) and we sort of drifted apart for a few years but still keep in contact, and once we DO contact each other (hahaha), we don't have that 'apart' feeling {well, at least I still feel the closeness :D }

in the matter of family=children)...reading her blog gives me an insight into the life she's living now and it does lift my spirit up to read what her children are giving her or getting her into. It's such fun!!

Rina, you do have 2 very strong, determined, spirited boys...I especially love the blog on "The day when my boys decided to leave 'da hse"...this would be a teaching to us all not to simply threaten our kids....just got to watch those words before it falls out of our mouth!!


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