Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Separation Anxiety??.....think not!!

Have you ever thought how can a woman be all dressed up looking pretty, prim and proper while carrying a kid in one arm and the other casually slinging her handbag walking, shopping and seems to be enjoying every moment of it..

Here, if I even have a chance to go to the ladies on my OWN, it is already a blessing in disguise. For my child is clinging on to me the very very moment he is awake! Besides that, you have to bear with the whiny, screaming tantrums that he throws at you for not following his 'instructions'!! So, imagine me getting out of the house in my tee and short, not having a chance to properly comb my hair, just a quick sweep with my fingers and ta-daa!! my hair is tied with some loose ends poking out here and there.

Yes, this is the dreadful 'separation anxiety' or is this just an excuse?? Hhmm...i've been reading bout this subject since say, my boy was about 5 months old (he's now 16 months old) and is this ever gonna end??!!

So any advise on how to be a pretty mama, all dressed up pretty, neat and tidy with a cute boy beside me??


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