Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kung Hei Fatt Choi

Gong Xi Gong Xi to you!!.

It has been a 'wet' Chinese New Year this year...usually the weather is extremely HOT....but this year, on the eve of CNY, it was raining cats and dogs for a good start of the day.... and again it rained today, the 3rd day of CNY (Feb 20th).

We had relatives today at our home and it was a joyful 'reunion' and gathering. Had plenty of yee-sang (courtesy of Amway & Jusco ready pack). It was delicious (yeah, as it was all finished in 5 mins!!!)

Kids were running about (actually MY KID was the one running about!!! LOL) and he was actually 'tackling' my cousin's baby gal Lily who has just turned 1 year old beginning of this month. Oh boy, did he enjoyed all the attention from the sidelines where all his yee pohs, atuk-atuk, piu yees and all were cheering him on for his antics in grabbing Lily's hand, trying to give her a gentleman's kiss on the hand and closing her binkie for her!!! hahaha... it was such fun to see these kids having a great time themselves.

We ended up having a 'lap mei' rice dinner for the remaining guest and I'm wipe-out tired after cleaning the house. So envious of my son who is actually snoring away in his cot after being a very good host i can say, by staying up the whole afternoon refusing to sleep and only finally agreed to settle into snooze land when the last guest left for the day....

It's now my time for my beauty sleep!


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