Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What a bumMer :(

This morning at approximately 8.05am, my beloved City rammed into the car in front of me. The cause of it : a motorcycle served rather sudden into the path of the car in front of me, he applied emergency break and I was not able to break in time and....... BAMM!!! sob sob sob, my poor rather new City, it got hurt :(

The wreakage :
  1. front bonnet got raised up
  2. front bumper got slight scrathes
  3. side of front bumper 'open' slightly due to point 1
  4. car alarm went haywire

Aarrrgghhhh!!!! what a BLACK Wednesday.

Lesson learnt : never drive too close to the car in front of you especially near junctions!! and WATCH OUT for motorcycles!!

Not to mention, I got my fair share of lecture and nagging from my beloved hubby who totally forgot to ask whether I'm OK!!! Guess when I started to babble to him the condition of the car, he knows that I'm the usual me!

Beloved City was sent in to Honda Repair centre almost immediately for assessment. Luckily the total bill is not too over the board, if not for sure I'll get another round of nagging.

For now, I need to find some ropes to tie my tummy as my pockets are full of holes now! What a bummer...

{for the record, this is the 2nd time I met with an accident for all the 10+ years that I've been driving. The 1st was rather inexperience when it came to accident and I was fed 'dead cat' :( The motorcyclist came out of no-where while I was just turning down into the lane leading to my house. Geezzz; come to think of it, it is another motorcycle and a MALE that I banged into!!!}

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

g-OLD friends

We studied, played and kai-kai together when we were in our teens (during secondary school days). Not all are classmates, some met when we were with the Rukun Tetangga Kepong Baru and thus some are seniors and juniors.

It's been so so many years since we get together like this. It was a fun night, full of laughter and what-nots conversation that 'outsiders' would not understand (even myself don't understand some of it!! hehehe). Some has blossom and some has 'shrink' but one thing not to be missed is that Malaysia population is growing!! with the addition of our kids running around, it makes us feel OLD!! :p

Here's to our friendship

F is for the Fun stuff we do together
R is for Reminding me you are there forever
I is for all your Interesting stories you tell
E is for the E-mails you send when I'm down
N is for Never letting me frown
D is for the Daring things we do
S is for Singing together when we're blue

You are always there when i need someone
We usually fool around just for the fun
You always understand what's going on
With only a few words then the pain is gone

Thanx for the FRIEND you are today
I hope you stay this way
You have a very special place in my heart
And no one will ever be able to take that part!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kung Hei Fatt Choi

Gong Xi Gong Xi to you!!.

It has been a 'wet' Chinese New Year this year...usually the weather is extremely HOT....but this year, on the eve of CNY, it was raining cats and dogs for a good start of the day.... and again it rained today, the 3rd day of CNY (Feb 20th).

We had relatives today at our home and it was a joyful 'reunion' and gathering. Had plenty of yee-sang (courtesy of Amway & Jusco ready pack). It was delicious (yeah, as it was all finished in 5 mins!!!)

Kids were running about (actually MY KID was the one running about!!! LOL) and he was actually 'tackling' my cousin's baby gal Lily who has just turned 1 year old beginning of this month. Oh boy, did he enjoyed all the attention from the sidelines where all his yee pohs, atuk-atuk, piu yees and all were cheering him on for his antics in grabbing Lily's hand, trying to give her a gentleman's kiss on the hand and closing her binkie for her!!! hahaha... it was such fun to see these kids having a great time themselves.

We ended up having a 'lap mei' rice dinner for the remaining guest and I'm wipe-out tired after cleaning the house. So envious of my son who is actually snoring away in his cot after being a very good host i can say, by staying up the whole afternoon refusing to sleep and only finally agreed to settle into snooze land when the last guest left for the day....

It's now my time for my beauty sleep!
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