Sunday, January 28, 2007

The birth of my son

My son is now 15 months old. Looking back to those days when I was struggling with those dreadful morning sickness, makes me smile to myself and wonder how on earth did I manage to give birth (naturally mind you :p) to this lovely boy of mine!

These are the memoirs of those days leading to his birth which I treasure very much :

  • my "good fren" was "late" for a week
  • bought one of those tester from the pharmacy and it tested +ve
  • bought a more expensive second tester (i know you are laughing at me now) as could not trust the 1st tester to be accurate. VOILA!!!..... it is also +VE. Re-read the instruction on the box upside down, matching the test results again and again!!! hahaha
  • time for check-up and gynae confirmed the +VE by scanning (don't even need urine test since he heard that I did my own home pregnancy test and I saw the corner of his lips "smiling" upon hearing I did my own testing twice!!)
  • I'm confirmed 5 weeks pregnant
  • 8 weeks came and those dreadful morning sickness came (should not be named morning sickness as I was with it the WHOLE dAy & NiGhT!!!)
  • Ooh, what dread-ful days were those...could not even name the days. Just spend the next almost 6 weeks sitting at home, lying down and SLEEP!!! (of course on those days that I see bright sky, I manage to pull myself out of the house to my office but only for say 3 hours?? before the attack is back and here I am on my way back home) Thank you Daddy for fetching me here and there and bearing with my nausea-ting sounds and sight!!
  • 3 months now, slight bump or is it my tummy fat?! Finally, finally the birds are singing, the sky is blue...what a beautiful sight!! Yep, my morning sickness is OVER!
    4-5-6 months was spend happily kai-kai (shopping) around for baby's stuff, preparing myself for his birth by reading up on those informative baby books. One that I particularly loved is Conception, Pregnancy to Birth by Dr. Miriam Stoppard loaned from my colleague at work.
  • 7-8 months : bump getting bigger, appetite as well and at 9 months, starting to drag my feet when I walk.. gosh the tummy is so hEaVY! Am preparing myself mentally as well for the birth (always telling baby to co-operate; when mummy push baby need to push too). I refuse to have epidural and want to know how far is my threshold on pain.
  • Nov 17th, 2005 : the day of my last check-up before the ACTUAL delivery (edd 28 Nov '05). Gynae did an 'internal check' and told me to "come back tomorrow morning, you will deliver your baby then". What a SHOCKER!!!.....totally not prepared. Anticipated for early delivery but NOT THIS EARLY!! I don't even have any symptoms yet!!
  • Gynae informed that baby's head is very low, time up for him to meet his mummy and daddy :D
  • Nov 18th, 2005 : checked into Damansara Specialist Hospital at 8.30am, was brought straight into the labour room. They had a labour delivery package ready with the scissors and all on top (what an aweful sight!). Changed and settled myself on the bed. Mid-wive came and strap me up on the monitoring machine. Gynae came at 9.00am and help break the water bag (no symptoms at all until now hehehe). Now to wait patiently for baby to arrive.
  • Mid way in my labour...contractions came and go...still bearable with my hubby alongside me....letting me 'squeeze' his hands when the contractions came in big wave.
    Gynae came again at 11.30am to check on my progress. Told me that I'm doing extremly well.
  • 12noon. Mid-wive told me that she's going to call the gynae now. Baby's coming. will be over soon.
  • Gynae came and the hard work started. PpuusshhhHH!!! PpuusshhhHH!!! PpuusshhhHH!!! it's coming, can see his head PpuusshhhHH!!! PpuusshhhHH!!! with the help of vacumn and at 12.35pm Nov 18th (Fri), Cavan Chin Kang Wen arrives in this world surrounded by daddy, mummy, doctor & mid-wives who gave their full support in his birth.

That night as I carried my son the whole night (he refused to be in his cot) staring at him while he stares at me (too!!) singing him his favourite lalluby *twinkle twinkle little stars* makes me wonder and gave myself a 'pat on the back' for being able to carry this bouncy baby and delivering him safely into this world.

May GOD bless him richly!!


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